Use insights for innovation.
Connect with your customer.
Take lessons in leadership.

Our primary aim is to help you move to the next level. And then keep moving, backed by research and analytics, insights and innovation.
We make sure you’re ahead of competition. In creating customer connect and managing stakeholder relationships.
Then you maintain that lead with lessons learnt in action. With leadership that is both hands-on and humane.
A Launchpad For Enterprising Women
And why not. WE (women entrepreneurs) have achieved a lot, but there’s a world out there waiting to be conquered.

With change happening at the speed of thought, opportunities are opening up  around you. And women catch on to them fast, if not faster 😊.

Our vision is to lend a hand, help you with the heavy lifting, support your mission and help achieve your goals. Sky is the limit. So how do you reach there?

At start up you would need an Innovation Boost- idea generation, concept testing, target market feedback, iterative design and market optimisation. MVP in our glossary is not about minimising but maximising… the value proposition!

Scaling up involves establishing a strong Customer Connect- visibility through efficient use of digital and below-the-line communication, keeping up with point-of-sales operations within the catchment areas, expanding mindshare and market share, steadily and profitably. Focus on the customer life cycle for building a stable business, investor life cycle is much, much shorter!

Now comes the difficult part, sustaining. Market Leadership, even in your chosen niche, customer segment or geography, will require that proverbial heavy lifting- building and sustaining a winning team, efficient supply chain, managing cashflows, navigating the regulatory environment etc. Our training modules help you internalise knowledge and skills that keep you ahead, an agile and successful leader. Hands-on and humane, balancing profit with purpose, keeping all stakeholders happy!

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Customer Experience & Loyalty Assessment

The customer loyalty assessment was conducted with great attention to detail and produced valuable insights that have enabled us to better understand our customer base and identify areas for improvement. The team was professional, responsive and delivered a comprehensive report that was easy to understand and use. Overall, I would highly recommend Chetna KS to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and improve their business performance.

Andreas C, Vice-President CX Analytics

Readership & Content Research

The benchmarking study before the broadsheet relaunch and the post-launch evaluation were instrumental in improving our newspaper’s content and presentation. The team’s approach of interviewing both readers and editors during the study design stage provided a comprehensive understanding of news production and consumption. Their expertise in research and analysis was remarkable, and the detailed report with actionable insights was highly valuable. We wholeheartedly recommend Chetna KS to any business seeking to fine-tune their media and marketing strategy.

Rupak A, Head of Media Marketing

State of Employability: ITES

Chetna KS provided us with a comprehensive report on State of Employability in IT Industry. The analysis included multiple dimensions, including language proficiency and analytical skills, and the results were effectively categorised. This approach made it easy for recruiters to reference and evaluate candidate skills. The team was highly professional and delivered a detailed report with actionable insights to improve our recruitment process. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to assess and enhance their organisation’s talent pool.

Avneet B, AVP HR & Skills Development

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